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We hope you find this newsletter helpful, please get in touch to discuss any aspect of the programme and to share any further ideas you may have to support veterans, their families and communities across Scotland.

Don’t Forget Your Preserved Or Deferred Pension!
1 day ago
Given that every year many thousands of pounds in pensions go unclaimed, it is important that the information that follows is widely understood. If, once you have read this article, you think you know someone who has a preserved pension waiting to be claimed, pass this magazine on but do remember to keep a record of how and when to claim yours!

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We are Veterans.  We recognise that for many Veterans and their families, aspects of life after leaving the Services can be challenging.  With over 50 Veterans’ organisations in Scotland alone, we understand that it can be frustrating to find just the right person to help with a problem.  And we know that whether you have been “in” for 3 years or 30 years, or “out” for 6 weeks or 6 years, problems will arise that could use some help.

So we have set up this website which we believe will put in one place most of the resources you might need.  Whether it is finding the right school or college for you or your kids; options for somewhere to live; getting access to a War Disablement pension; or finding a route into employment, you will find it here, together with much more.  You will find some topics duplicated under more than one heading; this is for ease of access and to make it more likely that you will find what you need.

For those who work in Veterans support organisations, please check out the Resources tab; there may be something useful for you there.

And because we aren’t perfect, there may be some resources and organisations that we have missed.  So if you know of some, please let us know through the Contacts tab so we can share it.  Because when Veterans work together, they make life better for Veterans.

So what are you waiting for – get in there!!

Working together for Scottish Veterans

Scotland is an environment where veterans are regarded as an asset to society.


Applying to the Aged Veterans Fund

The Aged Veterans Fund has £25 million available over 5 years. It will fund projects that support non-core health, wellbeing and social care needs for older veterans (born before 1 January 1950) including surviving World War 2 veterans, those who undertook National Service and other voluntary enlisted veterans who may need some focused support in relation to their health and social care needs. Follow this link for details of how to apply. 

Covenant Fund

Find out about applying to the new £10 million per annum Covenant Fund to support the armed forces community.  

Applying to the Covenant Fund

Thank you for your interest in the Covenant Fund. The funding priorities for April 2016 to March 2017 have now been agreed and are detailed below: Priority 1: Veterans’ Gateway
Priority 2: Families in stress
Priority 3: Improving local covenant delivery (for local authorities)
Priority 4: Community integration / delivery of local services Priorities 1, 2 and 4 are now open for applications. Priority 3 will open in late July 2016. This year there are different eligibility rules and timescales for each of the priorities. These are listed below. It is important to read and understand these as we will not assess applications which are ineligible to apply to a particular priority. Follow the link here for further information.




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